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Young Man Arrested for Bestiality

On Behalf of / Friday, 25 April 2014 / Published in felony

Craiglist Bestiality Suspect Arrested

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, A twenty-two young man was arrested on March 22, 2014 for charges that was related to bestiality.

The man connected with the case is Donald Waelde. It is stated that he had placed an ad for “missed connections” on Craiglist. He was looking for a horse to “play with”.

Luckily a concerned Craiglist user contacted the MCSO after they saw the ad. The warning started an investigation that would give a little insight one what the man had planned to really do with the horse.

The investigators set up an undercover agent. The deputy had a conversation with the possible suspect. During the conversation, the potential suspect told the undercover deputy what sexual act he wanted to perform on the horse. He then agreed to meet with the deputy.

The undercover detective had taken along an MCSO horse as a prop to not be suspicious. According to the press release, they met near Anthem. Then they took the young man into custody for conspiracy to commit bestiality. According to MCSO, the man even admitted to placing the ad on Craiglist and admitted his intentions to the authorities. This is the fourth Craiglist ad placed that involved bestiality since 2011.

In 2012 a couple did the same thing. Only the man posted an ad for the woman saying “Wife seeking dog” and hinted at bestiality as well. The couple was booked for bestiality which is a felony in Arizona.

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