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18 Year Old Stabs His Mother 9 Times

Young Man Allegedly Stabs His Mother Because God Told Him To

A eighteen year old boy, Cory Kit Montgomery, is now behind bars because he stabbed his own mother nine times! Luckily the mother is still alive and survived the brutal attack. Her son is claiming that he stabbed her because a higher power (God) told him to.

The attack happened in front of many people, luckily they were able to pull Cory away from his mother and call for help. According to the authorities, the attack took place around Midnight on Tuesday.

Reyna an eye witness statement of the attack

She was screaming.. ‘Stop.. you are my son.  Stop stabbing me,’ That is what she was saying.

According to the report, Reyna was the one to call the police.  She also said that at first glance, it seemed that the boy was just punching his mother but when Reyna got closer she then saw the knife.

Reyna stated that she first saw the boy attacking his mother in the parking area at an apartment complex which was near 23rd Street and McDowell.

The court documents showed that the police said that Cory stabbed his mother nine times with a kitchen knife. Cory also admitted to the crime, he claims that God told him to do it.

Reyna’s statement about the scene

When she was saying, ‘Please stop.  I am your mom.’ He just said, ‘No. You are not. No you are not.

Reyna’s cousin tried to stop Cory, he even went as far as to hit him with a rock.

Witness, Anthony Huggins statement about the stabbing

I hit him and he just took it and looked at me like nothing happened.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was really scared.  I couldn’t believe that this guy took a rock in the face and it didn’t do nothing to him.  He took it like it was a normal punch or something.

The mother in this brutal crime is still in the hospital. Police were able to arrest Cory as he was trying to get away.

Reyna’s thankful she was there to help

I just thank God I was out there to save her ’cause when I saw her after he was done.  I don’t think she could have handled any more stabbing.

Cory was booked for resisting the arrest and attempted murder. His bond was set at $500,00.

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