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Woman Convicted for Stabbing Her Boyfriend to Death with Stiletto

Woman Fatally Stabs Boyfriend with Stiletto Heel

A woman was convicted of murder on Tuesday. She stabbed her boyfriend to death with the 5 1/2 inch heel of her stiletto shoes. According to the report she had to hit him at least twenty five times in his face.

The prosecutors state that Ana Trujillo had used her stiletto to kill fifty-nine year old Alf Andersson during an argument they were having in June. Ana’s attorney tried to claim that the forty-five year old woman was only defending herself during an attack from Alf.

Ana is up to a life in prison. She showed very little emotion when the verdict was read. At the time, she was out of jail on bond, then after the verdict was announced she was taken into custody. On Wednesday, the jury will start hearing the evidence in the trial’s “punishment phase”.

Her lawyer says that he is hoping they will be merciful in her punishment, and they are asking for a two year prison sentence.

The prosecutors told the jurors that after a night of drinking Ana and Alf had began to argue, then during the argument Alf was injured and then fell on his back. Ana then sat on Alf so he couldn’t get up…that is when she hit him in the face and his head with her stiletto shoe.

Prosecutor, John Jordan’s closing argument in the Stiletto Murder Case

This is not self-defense. This is a vicious murder.

According to Jordan’s argument, Ana has had a history of violence. She also attacked another man two week prior to Alf’s death. Two witnesses were there to testify to this.  A lover of Ana’s was her other victim. According to James Well (the lover) the attack on himself was an unprovoked attack. Ana had bitten him on his head and pulled the skin form his skull, she then proceeded to tell him that he was a “dead man.”  Another witness (Chanda Ellison, his lover) said she witnessed Ana’s attack and had to beat her off of James with a stick.

The prosecutor’s made note that Ana did not have any injuries on herself, and Alf had defensive wounds on his hands and wrists.

Carroll’s closing argument

What would you do if there was the threat of serious bodily injury … if the threat of death is there? You defend yourself.

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