Phoenix Officers Work a Barricade Situation to Detain Two People

Phoenix Officers Work a Barricade to Detain Two People

Police Officers Detain Two Suspects After Barricade Situation

According to the Phoenix Police, on June 15, 2014 the Phoenix Police Officers were able to detain two individuals after they created a barricade situation. This was at a local town home complex which is near the 12th Street and Dunlap in the Phoenix area.

According to Sgt. Steve Martos, the police had received a call that was in regards to shots being fired around five in the morning. When the Police Investigators arrived to the scene they were shocked to find that a man was armed and had reportedly barricaded himself in a home after he aimed his weapon at the police officers.

ABC 15 News Pete Suratos was at the Barricade Scene

According to Pete, the SWAT team had arrived on the scene and was ready for anything at around seven:thirty in the morning. The Situations had remained active for about another hour after the SWAT got to the scene.

Sgt. Martos said that the officers had detained the two individuals after the barricade incident.

No other details are known at this point of time.

Do you think the two individuals were involved with drugs or a burglary? Do you think that the authorities should have released more information about the situation?