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Police Investigate Stabbing in the Phoenix Area

Man Arrested for Fatal Stabbing

Another day, another stabbing in Phoenix. A fifty-eight year old man is now being held in connection in a fatal stabbing. The stabbing was of a man and happened near, Ninth Avenue and Hatcher Road. The odd thing is, it happened in broad day light.

Phoenix police said that they met Israel Aguilera near the scene. He was then taken into custody after he admitted to stabbing the victim.

Now, Agulera is facing a first degree murder charge. According to reports, the victim was described as a thirty-five to forty-five year old male. He was taken to the local hospital around four o’clock in the evening. He was sadly pronounced dead at the hospital.

Phoenix Police spokesman, Lewis said that witnesses had scatted after the stabbing, however once they were tracked down by the authorities they said that Aguilera and the victim were actually in some type of argument just before the stabbing.

What the heck is wrong with people? You fight and decide it’s okay to stab someone to death? Quite severe.

Phoenix Police Investigate Stabbings

Bar fights aren’t uncommon anywhere. You have a bunch of drunk people together and someone gets angry, it’s bound to happen.

Police are now investigating after two people were stabbed at a bar in north Phoenix.

According to reports, the bar was at Cave Creek Road which is just south of Greenway Road. There was a double stabbing that night that started after a bar fight at a local tavern.

The two men that got stabbed had allegedly been fighting with a third person. This was inside of the bar. They followed him out when the man tried to leave.

After the fight and stabbing, the third person left the scene. According to reports, the third person stabbed one of the guys in the chest several times. He stabbed the other in the head.

Police are searching for the third person in hopes to question him. They have not stated that he is a “suspect” in the situation. Which I mean, it sounds like self-defense. He was calmly leaving the bar and the guys followed him to finish the fight.


Phoenix Battery Lawyer

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A verbal altercation in a bar or at your own home could be misconstrued as an assault charge. If you are accused of starting a bar fight or engaging in domestic violence, secure experienced legal help immediately. Understandably, you may feel tempted to explain your side of the story to law enforcement. But, any details you provide could be used against you.


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The highly skilled attorneys at Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC provide a substantial background defending individuals across Arizona and the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area accused of offenses ranging from simple assault to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. These offenses may include:


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We will also seek to illustrate any weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence or contradictory statements from the plaintiff. When appropriate, we work with psychologists to illustrate the plaintiff’s state of mind and tendency to exaggerate or lie as well as analyzing the case from every angle possible. If your civil rights were violated or procedural errors were made, we will fight for an acquittal.


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Man Shot While Attempting to Break Up Bar Fight

37 Year Old Shot While Breaking Up A Bar Fight

According to the police, On Monday, a thirty-seven year old man was shot in the early morning as he attempted to break up a bar fight between a security guard and a patron at a Phoenix bar.

According to a spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department, the Phoenix Police responded to a gunshot injury at two: thirty in the morning. This happened at the Funny Farm Lounge which is close to the 49th Avenue and Thomas Road.

The Phoenix Police had to respond to a gunshot call at Funny Farm Lounge at two:thirty in the morning. This was close to 49th Avenue and Thomas Road, according to Officer James Holmes. The victim of the gunshot wound is a male. He had an injury to his upper body was later transported to a hospital. He was in critical condition but luckily was expected to survive.

Other People get involved in the bar fight

According to Holmes, there was an argument at the bar parking lot just before the shooting. The fight was between two patrons. One of those patrons was a 36 year old security guard who then got into a physical confrontation with one of the other men patrons.

Holmes also reported that the victim that was a witness to the fight had stepped in to break the fight up. The security guard then drew a handgun and then shot the victim in the upper body.

Officer Holmes said that the security guard then left the scene with another security guard who was from the bar. He later returned to the location when the on scene officers called him back for some questioning. He was then taken to police headquarters for further questioning.