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Man Fatally Shoots a Woman and His Neighbor

Search for Man that Fatally Shot a Woman and Wounded Neighbor

The Tempe police are searching for a male suspect that had fatally shot a woman and wounded his neighbor.

According to the authorities, the double shooting happened on Tuesday…May 20th. It was near 2:30 in the evening when the fatal shooting happened near an apartment complex in the parking lot.

They are looking for thirty-three year old, John Brazel for the suspect/person of interest in this fatal shooting case.

According to the report, the neighbor who got injured during the shooting, saw the man and woman arguing in the apartment complex parking lot. He then tried to intervene.

The police say that next, John Brazel pulled a gun out and allegedly shot the woman first and then went on to shoot the neighbor.

Description of the Man Responsible for the Fatal Shooting’s vehicle

John then fled the scene in a White Chevy Tahoe. The Tahoe license plate is : BDY6785 if anyone sees this vehicle please contact the authorities. They also said that in the back glass of the Tahoe there is a sticker of a rifle.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting. The male victim was taken to a nearby hospital. There are no names for the victims at this time.

Police say that the mane is armed and dangerous so be on the look out and if you see his vehicle call 911 A.S.A.P.!


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Man Shot While Attempting to Break Up Bar Fight

37 Year Old Shot While Breaking Up A Bar Fight

According to the police, On Monday, a thirty-seven year old man was shot in the early morning as he attempted to break up a bar fight between a security guard and a patron at a Phoenix bar.

According to a spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department, the Phoenix Police responded to a gunshot injury at two: thirty in the morning. This happened at the Funny Farm Lounge which is close to the 49th Avenue and Thomas Road.

The Phoenix Police had to respond to a gunshot call at Funny Farm Lounge at two:thirty in the morning. This was close to 49th Avenue and Thomas Road, according to Officer James Holmes. The victim of the gunshot wound is a male. He had an injury to his upper body was later transported to a hospital. He was in critical condition but luckily was expected to survive.

Other People get involved in the bar fight

According to Holmes, there was an argument at the bar parking lot just before the shooting. The fight was between two patrons. One of those patrons was a 36 year old security guard who then got into a physical confrontation with one of the other men patrons.

Holmes also reported that the victim that was a witness to the fight had stepped in to break the fight up. The security guard then drew a handgun and then shot the victim in the upper body.

Officer Holmes said that the security guard then left the scene with another security guard who was from the bar. He later returned to the location when the on scene officers called him back for some questioning. He was then taken to police headquarters for further questioning.