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Child Abuse Case in Phoenix When you’re a kid you know you’re going to get in trouble for misbehaving. That still never stops us from having a little fun. However, sometimes parents take the punishment too far and the child gets injured. Recently, a jury found a man guilty for locking up a ten year

Family Dispute Ends Deadly Family fights can sometimes get pretty heated, sure everyone threatens to stop talking to that one person in their family occasionally but you never mean it. However, one family took “family dispute” to a whole nother level. According to the Coolidge police, a shooting involving the deaths of three different people

Arizona Man Shoots Son-n-Law with Flare Gun and Attempts to Stab Him George Brown is a sixty-six year old Arizona man. He is suspected of shooting his Son-In-Law with a flare gun. He then proceeded to try to stab the younger man with a pocket knife, according to the police. George later told the authorities