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Phoenix Robbery Incidents

Robbery Suspects Evidence

Three robbers have been caught on camera in a bold hold-up at an office related to a medical marijuana dispensary.

The video is so clear that someone out there has to know who they are.

The victims said it happened around 5 p.m. Wednesday  at an office building in Phoenix.

They work for a medical marijuana dispensary, but that is not where the robbery took place.

The incredible video shows two women and a man storm into the office, with guns drawn.

They ordered the two male victims to the floor, where they proceeded to tie them up.

The robbers demanded money, while holding guns to the victims’ heads, threatening to shoot if they didn’t cooperate.

Robbery Victim’s Statement:

They were telling me, don’t move, they were going to kill me, they were going to cut my fingers off. They were going to come back and kill our families. There was an incident where I believe the trigger was pulled. It might have been on me. I believe it was on my boss. I was face down, I couldn’t tell. But, I know that the trigger was pulled at one point. And, either the gun jammed or it wasn’t loaded. I’m not exactly sure. There was another incident, later on, where the female fires a round into the wall by accident. And, I think that’s what spooked them and the noise made them rush out of there. And, I think that’s what saved our lives.

That victim said the robbers made off with an undisclosed amount of cash, which they stashed in a suitcase.

And, they escaped in a primer-black looking Chevy pickup truck with a red bed liner.

One of the victims managed to break free after the robbers left the room and actually fired several shots at the truck.

A $2,500 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest.

If you recognize the robbers, call the Phoenix Police Department.

Phoenix Homeowner Protects Themselves

When someone breaks into your home, your first instinct is to of course protect your self and your family. One Phoenix homeowner definitely surprised one burglar. This particular homeowner grabbed a sword and used it to injure and then detain a robbery suspect. Pretty awesome or a little bit of an overkill? Personally I think it’s awesome.

The Phoenix Police reported that on back on February 17th two men entered into an apartment near 17th and Buckeye Road. They then assaulted the homeowner. The victim told the police that the two men “ransacked” his apartment and stole several of his items. One of those items was a sixty inch flat screen television. Which aren’t cheap!

Robbery Suspects

When the suspects went outside the homeowner bravely rushed to his bedroom and grabbed a sword. He then went outside so that the two cowardly men couldn’t get away. You go mister!

The Police say that the victim was able to see the suspects loading the tv onto a vehicle. These suspects weren’t at their prime in life, which probably helped the victim, one suspect is sixty-five year old, Larry Shedd. Shedd reportedly came after the victim so he struck Shedd on the head with the sword. However, he was unsuccessful at detaining the other suspect and the driver of the getaway car. Not bad though for someone who just got robbed and ganged up on.

Maybe now, they’ll think twice before jumping people and trying to cowardly rob someone. Doubtful but it’s worth a shot.

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