Assault At Ice Cream Shop Leaves Two Injured

Assault At Ice Cream Shop Leaves Two Injured

Police Arrest Assault Suspect at Ice Cream Shop

According to the Phoenix authorities, there has been two people to suffer from some serious injuries after an assault at a local Phoenix Ice Cream Shop on Friday night. How crazy is that? You think of ice cream shop’s friendly and kind of safe. Family oriented I guess, so to hear someone was assaulted at one, blows my mind.   The police say that the assault happened just before ten o’ clock at night. It took place at 16th Street and Thomas Road which is at Realeza Michoaccana Paletria and Neveria.

Ice Cream Owner Assault Details

The Phoenix police told the local news that the ice cream shop owner, another person, and his nephew were all approached by a stranger. The then proceeded to get into a dispute out side for the ice cream shop. The officers on scene stated that the stranger had even left at one point then cam back with four people. Those five people then started assaulting the shop owner, nephew, and whoever the other person was in side at the time. The suspect used pipes and bottles to do the trick.   The two victims were pretty severely injured. Out of the three people, two of them got injuries to their face as well as their neck. The victims was transported to the local hospital for their critical condition. The emergency crews even said that one of the victims had life threatening injuries.   Police are now searching for the suspect. He’s described as a thirty five year old Hispanic man that had tattoos on his back. They think he is probably driving a gray Jeep Wrangler and was wearing a tank top.  If you have any information or questions about this case, call the Phoenix Police asap!


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