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Son Gets Attacked While Talking on Phone to His Father

Young Man Gets Attacked While on The Phone With His Father

A parent’s worse nightmare is something happening to their child, how awful would it be to hear your child being attacked while you were on the phone with them? That’s what happened on Thursday Afternoon.

The Phoenix Police are now investigating a homicide where a twenty-two year old was shot and killed.

The Phoenix Police spokesman says that the Phoenix police had responded to a call that brought them to an apartment complex near 12800 N. Cave Creek Road. This was around 1:30 p.m. and after they got the call from the father of the young man who lived in the complex.

According to the police report, the caller on the phone claimed he was on the phone with his 18 year old son when he heard a “scuffle”. After trying several times to reach his son on the phone again, he couldn’t get through so he called the police so they could see what was going on over there.

The report stated that the officers found a 22 year old with fatal gunshot wounds when they arrived to the apartment. While they were investigating, the 18 year old resident was questioned as well as a female friend.  According to the young man and woman, the 22 year old had entered the 18 year old’s apartment, the 22 year old was armed with a gun and demanding items of value.

The 18 year old and the 22 year old men began to fight, which resulted in the death of the 22 year old by being shot. The 18 year old resident also sustained an injury in the fight. He was later released from police custody after he was questioned.

 Sgt. Martos’s comment on the attack

The investigation is ongoing and the case will be submitted to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for possible charges


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Man Arrested in Phoenix for Murder in Bar Brawl

Murder Suspect Arrested for The Murder of off-duty Security Guard

Things can get pretty rough when people get drunk and start feeling a little cocky, things got out of hand one night in Phoenix and it ended with an off-duty security guard losing his life. Phoenix police officers have the man who they think is responsible for killing the off-duty security guard in custody. They think the man’s brother was also involved in the murder bar brawl that happened in march.

The main suspect, Alex Ray Flores who is twenty-one years old was booked on charges of : “First-degree murder, burglary, endangerment and misconduct involving weapons”.

According to the police statement, Alex was drinking at a bar with his twenty-two year old brother, Max Flores. This was on March 14 near 32nd and Oak streets. The bar closed at two in the morning and afterwards Max and Alex had tried to leave the bar with their beer bottles in hand, which you can’t do.

A local security guard, Jesus Rafael Lozano-Vidal, was at the bar enjoying his time off-duty. This is when he saw the men leaving with the beer, he tried to stop the brother then that is when both brothers attacked him. Jesus was shot, taken to the hospital and later died.

According to the Phoenix Police, they believed that Alex was the shooter in this crime. During the brawl, Alex even shot his own brother, Max in the arm.  Alex and Max both fled the scene on foot.

However in this bar brawl case

both brothers are in custody on allegations related to the Lozano-Vidal murder.


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16 Years for A Man Who Brutally Stabbed His Girlfriend to Death

Man Stabs and Beat His Girlfriend to Death Gets Sentencing

Last year a man from Tempe allegedly stabbed and beat his girlfriend to death. He then dumped her body onto a residential street. His sentencing was on Friday in which he got 16 years in prison.

Twenty-six year old Douglas Ray George pleaded guilty to the second degree murder back in February in 2014. The woman was twenty-three year old, Annovedwin Begay-Barakzai.

The court documents stated that the prosecution said that George had repeatedly and then Annovedwin in the apartment that they shared on June 15, 2013.

The court records showed that the police said that her stab wounds were superficial however the beating she received had fractured her ribs and lacerated her liver.  Then, her naked body was dumped in the middle of the street.

According to the records, there were eight people at the trial. Four of them were there for Annovedwin. George’s family seemed unfazed and Annovedwin’s family were very respectful and sad. 

According to the report, George had sat in the court room and stared blankly at Annovedwin’s family when it was their turn to talk, however at one point he gave a slight grin during one of their testimonies. Most of the trial his eyes were closed.

Annovedwin’s Aunt, Yvonne’s statement about Annovedwin

There’s not one day that goes by when I don’t think about her.

Wendy Begay’s statement about her sister

The day she left home, I can remember it clearly I told the defendant to take care of my sister and he said, ‘I will.’ That was the last time I saw her.

Only one of George’s family members spoke in his defense. Stephanie Low, The Prosecutor in the trial, stated that George’s actions were “horrible,cruel, and demeaning.”

George’s statement about his crime

What they are going through now I can’t even fathom. I want to offer my condolences.



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Woman Convicted for Stabbing Her Boyfriend to Death with Stiletto

Woman Fatally Stabs Boyfriend with Stiletto Heel

A woman was convicted of murder on Tuesday. She stabbed her boyfriend to death with the 5 1/2 inch heel of her stiletto shoes. According to the report she had to hit him at least twenty five times in his face.

The prosecutors state that Ana Trujillo had used her stiletto to kill fifty-nine year old Alf Andersson during an argument they were having in June. Ana’s attorney tried to claim that the forty-five year old woman was only defending herself during an attack from Alf.

Ana is up to a life in prison. She showed very little emotion when the verdict was read. At the time, she was out of jail on bond, then after the verdict was announced she was taken into custody. On Wednesday, the jury will start hearing the evidence in the trial’s “punishment phase”.

Her lawyer says that he is hoping they will be merciful in her punishment, and they are asking for a two year prison sentence.

The prosecutors told the jurors that after a night of drinking Ana and Alf had began to argue, then during the argument Alf was injured and then fell on his back. Ana then sat on Alf so he couldn’t get up…that is when she hit him in the face and his head with her stiletto shoe.

Prosecutor, John Jordan’s closing argument in the Stiletto Murder Case

This is not self-defense. This is a vicious murder.

According to Jordan’s argument, Ana has had a history of violence. She also attacked another man two week prior to Alf’s death. Two witnesses were there to testify to this.  A lover of Ana’s was her other victim. According to James Well (the lover) the attack on himself was an unprovoked attack. Ana had bitten him on his head and pulled the skin form his skull, she then proceeded to tell him that he was a “dead man.”  Another witness (Chanda Ellison, his lover) said she witnessed Ana’s attack and had to beat her off of James with a stick.

The prosecutor’s made note that Ana did not have any injuries on herself, and Alf had defensive wounds on his hands and wrists.

Carroll’s closing argument

What would you do if there was the threat of serious bodily injury … if the threat of death is there? You defend yourself.

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