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Child Abuse in Phoenix

Child Abuse at Home

Child abuse, to me is one of the saddest form of abuse. A child did not ask to be born into an unfit atmosphere. There’s always adoption if you didn’t want or care for a child. Why on earth would you want to harm him or her?

An injury to a child at their home is being investigated by the Phoenix Police Department. The police say that a young child was injured at an apartment complex. The complex was near 44th Street and Baseline Road. The child was hurt around 5:45 in the evening.

The police describe the injured child as a “small child”. The child had to be taken to the local hospital due to the injury. The following day, the child was still in critical condition.

Some detectives from the “Phoenix Police Department’s Crimes Against Children Unit” is going to be investigating the case.

Police say that the father told the officers that he (the father) had a medical episode. During his episode he ended up taking the baby down with him.

Police Wait to Hear About Child’s Medical Analyst

Phoenix Police Sergeant, Vince Lewis, said that a doctor will be able to determine whether the injury is plausible or if it truly was a freak accident and the child ended up getting the “worse end of the deal”.

Sergeant Lewis says that if the child’s condition changes then the nature of the investigation will also change. However, for the time being, the investigation is staying as an injured person case.

Poor baby, we hope he or she makes a full recovery soon.


Horrible Case of Child Abuse


Police sadly see abuse cases almost daily, so when they say it’s one of the worst one’s they’ve seen you know it’s bad. Prepare yourself for a sad investigation ahead.

According to reports the mother of a three year old little girl had entrusted her friend with the care of her little girl are now behind bars. They are accused of committing “egregious acts of child abuse”. According to the Mesa’s police chief it’s one of the worst one’s the Mesa department has ever had to investigate.

Police say that the child was found on a Monday in a Mesa area home. She was hidden away in a trash bag, her little hands and feet was bound with duct tape. Her mouth was also covered. The poor little girl was covered in feces, bruises, she was blistered and suffered from a rash. The little girl was nearly naked, wearing only a diaper and a shirt. The little girl could barley stand when the investigators found her.

The child’s mother, Mayra Solis and her friend, Francisco Javier Rios-Covarrubias were booked into jail on several charges. Seems like they should have harsher punishment for that horrible crime that they did. That poor defenseless baby did not deserve the torture they did to her.

Police Find Child in The WORST Conditions

The police said that the child was at the friends home. The child would actually stay there for days while Solis worked. The mother apparently works a lot, she told the police that she sometimes only saw her daughter one day out of the week.

Police found out that while the little girl was at the friend’s house, she would be there by herself for hours while Rios-Covvarrubias also worked.

Mesa Police Chief, John Meza says that the little girl is in the hospital at this time, she’s working on recovering. The last update he got was that she was in fair condition. The little girl couldn’t even stand as she was trying to talk to the investigators. Since she’s so young and her home life was so rough, the police do not know if the little girl couldn’t or wouldn’t talk to them during their investigation.

The police started their investigation when they recieved a phone call from a man saying that he saw a child bound and gagged with duct tape in a closet.

The man also told the police that he had met Rios-Coverrbias online and that the two had agreed to meet for sex. Apparently they were going to do the deed at her house. While he was there he noticed a bad odor in the house. He went to investigate and found the girl in the closet.

When he found the girl, Rios-Coverrubias allegedly asked him if he wanted to have sex with the child. The man got upset and left, however it must have not grossed him out too bad since he later came back and had consensual sex with Rios-Coverrubias. He thought the child had left though.

Luckily, he got a little smarter and called the police after his second time at the house. That is when the police arrived to the Rios-Coverrubias house.

Rios-Coverrubias apparently has no shame, he admitted to the police that he would bind the little girl with duct tape. He wanted to keep the poor child quiet just so he could have sex with other people.

He didn’t admit to sexually abusing the girl, however police say that during the medical exam they did find evidence of her being sexually assaulted.

Rios-Coverrubias was booked into jail on the charges of “sex trafficking, kidnapping, sexual conduct with a minor and child abuse”.

The mother was quite young at twenty-one years old. However she should know what going on. Solis would leave her child with that man for DAYS at a time. She knew he would leave her child alone for hours, apparently she didn’t care.

Solis is quite the example of what not to be as a mother. She would shave her daughter’s head to claim that she had cancer so that people would give her money. How sick is that?!

She was also booked into jail for child abuse charges.

The police say that neither adult in this situation had a previous record of child abuse.



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