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Phoenix Police Investigate Multiple Robbery Claims

Phoenix Police Search for Robbery Suspect

Police have one of the hardest jobs in America. They work countless hours to try to keep us safe, and have one of the lowest pays in the country. They get beaten down by the media but they always stay resiliant.

Police are now looking for a man and woman who the believe are a “persons of interest” in an armed robbery case that happened in downtown Phoenix.

A suspect reportedly robbed two women at gunpoint. The suspect took both of their purses. This happened in the area of Ninth Street and Garfield Street back on May 6th.

According to the reports, the next day the victim’s bank card had been used at several different locations by the two suspects.

Suspects Descriptions

One of the suspects was described as a Hispanic man. The man was 18-22 years old and around 5’6” tall. They say he probably weighed aroudn 190 pounds and has black hair, brown eyes and a mustache.

The woman is described as having long brown hair and is pregnant.

If you have any information about the case, you’re asked to call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

Phoenix Police Need Help with Robbery Suspect

While the police are awsome at doing a lot of things, they still sometimes need a little help. Silent Witness is asking for help in a recent armed robbery case that happened just last month.

According to the reports, a man stole the keys to Fry’s gas station kiosk at gunpoint. The suspect stole cash from the register. The station is located near 51st Avenue and Baseline Road.

The suspect went to talk to an employee just outside of the station. The suspect then demanded the employee’s keys. I’m guessing the male suspect entered the kiosk and demanded money from the reigster, all of this from behind a pointed gun.

Police say that the clerk then put the money into the garbage can and then the suspect left on foot.

Robbery Suspect’s Description


The suspect is described as a black man. Police think he is somewhere in his early twenties. Police believe he is around six foot tall and weighs around one-hundred and sixty pounds. They say he has black hair and brown eyes.

Silent Witness is offering up a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest of the suspect.

If you have any information about this robbery, then please contact Silent Witness at 480-948-6377.


Bank Robbery

Bank robberies rarely end well, since ya know they don’t have good intentions to begin with. Sometimes people do end up getting killed or sometimes they end with people walking away unscared.

A recent robbery ended with the suspected bank robber dead. This was after a 45 minuted chase. The police was able to end the chase when they pinned his fleeing SUV against a barrier in Tempe, Arizona. They then opened fire on the driver.

The police told NBC News that the driver was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident.

Robbery Chase

The chase started after a bank was robbed in a Phoenix suburb. The suspect shot at the police during the incident. There were two other “people of interest” in the bank robbery and they’re now in custody.

There’s a video that shows footage of the chase. It showed two unmakred vehicles and they forced an SUV to spin to the right as it made a right turn. There’s a third vehicle and then they pinned the SUV against the fence. This is a tactic known as “PIT” aka “Precision Immobilzation Technique”.

One of the officers from the first vehicle came onto the scene and opened fire into the front seat of the SUV as the local television stations were broadcasting the encounter live.


Phoenix Police Sgt. Jonathan Howard’s Statement:

We know that he intended to escape at all costs and put anybody in danger. He already shot at police officers. He’s endangered the public for half an hour now as he’s driven throughout the city recklessly. It’s important to stop him before someone else gets hurt.

The Avondale police told the local news that the chase started around 11:49 in the morning. The robbery was at the Credit Union West in the Phoenix suburb of Avondale. The suspects fled in a black SUV and opened fire when the police tried to pull them over. Talk about a scary situation.

Two people were caught, however the third suspect took off on Interstate 10 toward Phoenix.
According to Officer Ray Emmett, luckily no one was injured at the bank scene. The chase continued through Phoenix unitl it sadly had to finally end with a deadly shooting in Tempe.
FBI had to be on the scene of the bank robbery in Avondale.


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