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Multiple Types of Murder Cases

On Behalf of / Friday, 31 July 2015 / Published in assault, battery, Homicide, Personal Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Wrongful Death

Murder Crimes Near Phoenix


There are of course several types of murder. The most disturbing and unfathomable, in my opinion anyways, is Familicide. What is Familcide? It’s a term used when there is a multiple victim homicide where the killer’s spouse and children are killed.


Definition from Wikipedia

A familicide is a type of murder or murder-suicide in which at least one spouse and one or more children are killed,[1] or in which a parent or parents and possibly other relatives such as siblings and grandparents are killed.[2] In some cases all of the family members’ lives are taken. If only the parents are killed, the case may also be referred to as a parricide. Where all members of a family are killed, including when the killing takes the form of a murder-suicide, the crime may be referred to as family annihilation.


The cases I’ll be writing about today are similar but different. This first case is a lot like a familicide case.  The police have been able to identify the man who had been accused of decapitating a woman and two dogs. The man identified was identified as, Kenneth Wakefield.


The Phoenix Police Department are always helpful to the media. They have said that Wakefield was actually released from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. However, she was booked for a one count of 1st degree murder as well as two counts of animal cruelty. She was being held on a TWO million dollar bond money.

The believe that the suspect is known to have some physics and mental issues.  The two doggies were sadly found dead in the home.


On July 25th, the police had found the horrible crime scene. Which was located near 13th Place and Colter Street. They were able to easily locate the scene after a neighbor had went to check on the suspect and the victim. The neighbor knew that the suspect had mental issues.


The neighbor was quite shocked when, according to them, when the suspect, Wakefield had answered the door and the neighbor said that he was naked and also had a portion of his arm was cut off. Wakefield was a scary sight with his missing arm,and  missing right eye that was gouged out.


Wakefield didn’t try to deny what had happened. He admitted to the police officers that he had killed three of his own family members which were inside of the house.


Sadly, when Heisch was found she was decapitated as well as the dogs and in a closet. I feel so sorry for the victims and the police that found them I can’t imagine what a horrific scene that would have been.


The suspect was taken to the local hospital and had to undergo surgeries for his injuries. He was later released to the police after he was all fixed up.


Spouse Abuse or Murder?


Everyone has fights once and a while. If you’re married and have been for a while, chances are you might feel like killing one another on those stressful days. Only some people actually attempt to act on those wishes.


A woman had to be submitted to the hospital after the police claimed that her husband had shot her inside of their Mesa Home.


The Mesa Police Department said that they responded to a call that came out, just after six o’clock in the evening. The call came from an upscale gated community of “Las Sendas”. Las Sendas is located near the McDowell and Power Roads.



Police are keeping quiet about this scene. They are releasing very little information about what happened. However, they have said that the couple’s two children were inside of the house at the time of the shooting. Those poor kids must have been scared to death! The police say that the couple’s children are a young girl and an adult son. Hopefully the adult son can shed some light on the situation.


The police also say that the woman who was shot, is now in the hospital. Hopefully she will make a full recovery. The husband of the victim has been taken in for questioning. However, he has not been formally charged at this time.


The Mesa Police Department are now on the case and are investigating the incident.


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