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Phoenix Robberies

Phoenix Police Looking for Robbery Suspects


The Phoenix police are on the search for two young men who are suspected of robbing a Chandler Walmart  a few months ago.

According to the local authorities on July 30th there were two Hispanic males who had entered into a Walmart near the Alma School Road around seven, thirty in the evening.  They handed a note over to the cashier who was overseeing the self-checkout kiosks.

From the surveillance video, you can see the first suspect walk out of the Walmart store as the second suspect was waiting for the cashier to finish placing the money into a plastic bag.  The investigating police officers think that the male suspects were both between the ages of sixteen and twenty years old.

Police are asking that if anyone has any information about this robbery or the suspects then to please call the Chandler Police Department. They can be reached at 480-782-4130 or the Silent Witness program at 480-WITNESS.


Two Suspects Arrested for Robbery at Phoenix Bar


There are several suspects who are now in custody, this was after there was a robbery at a Phoenix bar.

The police officers with the Phoenix Police said that the two men had been trying to carjack a woman in front of a Dilly Dally Lounge at 36th Street and Indian School Road.

The men must have scared the woman nearly to death when they held her at gunpoint. However, they decided not to carjack her. Both of the men then went into the bar and got away with almost one hundred dollars. Talk about some crazy events. Luckily the woman wasn’t injured though.

The police were luckily able to catch up with the suspected men, not long after the incident. They were found near 40th Street and Thomas Road.


Another Robbery Case


There are several types of robberies. Bank Robberies, store robberies, robberies that lead to police chases.  A lot of robberies start out, with a threat and if everyone cooperates, then no one gets hurt. However, sometimes robberies turn deadly at the drop of a pin.

Police have luckily arrested a ban robbery suspect after he had led the police on a chase on a Monday evening around the Phoenix Valley.


Phoenix Robbery Cases


The Chandler police say that the bank robbery happened around three,thirty in the late afternoon. It happened at the National Bank of Arizona at the Chandler Boulevard and Kyrene Road.

According to the Chandler police, the suspect had walked into the bank and had a gun. He then demanded money. The suspect left the building and then got into a Chrysler Sebring, purple in color.

Witnesses quickly called 911 to report the incident, suspect, as well as the vehicle description. The officers then spotted the vehicle just four minutes later.

When the officers had tried to make a traffic stop, things got ugly. There were gunshots fired from the suspect and officers at this point, according to the police. A couple of the police vehicles were hit by gunshots, luckily no one was hurt though.

Officers the requested/got help from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Phoenix Police, Tempe Police, as well as the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The police have said that the robbery suspect had drove from the westbound on Interstate 10 to 7th Avenue and then later made his way to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Washington Street.

The suspect wasn’t giving up easily. He drove to Tempe and then ended up on Mill Avenue near the University Drive. Then he got out of his vehicle and ran away from his car.

The police also said that the suspect was finally arrested around 4:45 in the evening. He was arrested at the AMC Centerpoint 11 movie theater.

ABC15 NEWS Crews were on the scene and said that the police had found the gun that was involved in the robbery, there was also the money from the bank found inside of the movie theater.



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