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Phoenix Robberies With Assault

Phoenix Robberies, Missing Suspects

Good ol’ Phoenix never lacks on the robbery department. They seem to keep pretty busy with that. Sadly, when you’re that close to the border it’s bound to happen.

According to the Phoenix Police, they are now looking for a man who had threatened a  sporting goods store last week. They threatened the store with a bomb during an attempted robbery.

According to a Silent Witness, he or she saw a man and he or she was carrying a box. The box went into the Big 5 Sporting Goods store, which is now located on Thomas Road, on December 3rd.

The suspect demanded that the clerk give him money, however when the female cashier refused, the suspect said that there was a bomb in a box outside.

According to the reports, the box was left behind after the male suspect had left the store. The police officers that got to the scene and investigated seem to think that it wasn’t in danger at anytime.

The police said that the suspect was a white male. Authorities believe the man was fifty-five years old. He’s a rather small man, being around five foot and eight inches tall. Weighing around one hundred ninety pounds. In the security footage, the suspect was last seen wearing a black knit cap as well as a black and white plaid shirt and dark pants.  At least he color coordinated, I guess.

Silent Witness is offering up to one thousand dollars for the information that would help solve the case. If you have any information, please contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

Mysterious Robberies, Jack in the Box

Robberies, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are quiet and relatively peaceful, some are flamboyant and well thought out. However, this most recent Phoenix robbery can only be described as “brazen”. The robbery was caught on camera at the Valley Jack in the Box.

Chandler Police are shocked and thankful that no one was hurt and that the crime wasn’t any worse than what happened.

The Chandler Police have recently released a video on their Facebook page. They are asking for the public’s help in tracking down this robbery suspect.

According to the report, the man could be seen entering the door behind the counter, with a ski mask on his face and his hood up. You could also see a gun in his hand.

Customer, Ed Schossow’s Statement:

I would have shot him, without a doubt. This is exactly why I carry a concealed weapon.

According to the report, the video surveillance was showed to several of the customers outside of the store on Friday night. Schossow says that seeing crimes, is the reason that he’s always prepared. He always carries a concealed weapon on him.

After watching the video, police think that the suspect actually looks as if he was “inexperienced” with a weapon. He even dropped the clip and then reloads the gun.

Chandler Police Detective, Seth Tyler Statement:

Just the recklessness, we are very lucky we didn’t have an accidental discharge, This suspect maybe cased this restaurant, was able to determine times it wasn’t busy.

The man took the cash from one drawer and then demanded the next. In the video, your can see an employee who was forced to open another drawer.

Schossow’s Statement:

I feel sorry for them, I mean, it’s a scary situation.


The man grabs as much money as he can with his free hand. He dropped quite a bit off it one his way out the doors. Which is totally dumb, he should have at least had a container to carry the money.

The police description

The suspect is described as a light skinned man, between the ages of 16 to 25. He is five feet, five inches to 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs between 135-155 pounds.

Sexual Assault Plus Robbery

Phoenix Police are looking for a suspect they believe to be in connection to an armed robbery. The suspect reportedly also tried to sexually assault a woman at a tax business.

The police say that the victim had just came back from visiting the bank when the suspect came into the business which is located near 33rd Street and Indian School road, who pulled a gun on her.

Another Sexual Assault Robbery Case

According to reports, a suspect tied and gagged a woman before he reportedly took off her bra and then tried to assault her.

The police say that when the sick perv suspect, noticed the security cameras he stopped his assault and took off with the money.

The suspect was described as a Hispanic or possibly a Native American. He’s around six foot tall and was wearing white gloves as well as a black hoodie.

The investigating officers say that the surveillance take did a good job and likely prevented something worse from happening.  The police is continuing the investigation and checking to see if the cameras were functional. Which, they must have been if the tape showed that.

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