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Local Robbery Cases in Phoenix

Local Armed Robbery in Phoenix

Police are investigating an armed robbery involving two suspects at a coin business near Tatum and Greenway on Friday.  Officials say the business owner shot one suspect, then held both suspects at gunpoint until officers arrived at the scene.

Authorities say the male suspect was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries, while a female suspect was detained at the scene.

According to Phoenix police, all suspects involved are in custody with no outstanding suspects.

This is an active investigation. No names have been released in this case.

FBI Search for Phoenix Robbery Suspects

The FBI is trying to find two unrelated bank robbery suspects who have both struck multiple banks in the Phoenix area.

The first robbery, on Jan. 31, was committed by a man who walked into a Chase Bank on Indian School Road near 107th Avenue in Avondale, officials said. The man handed the teller a note demanding money, then made off with an unknown amount of money, the FBI said.

Later that day, the same suspect entered a Chase Bank branch near 59th Avenue and Thomas Road in Phoenix and passed along a similar note. Again, he made off with an unspecified amount of cash, according to the FBI.

The FBI released surveillance camera photos showing the man wearing a black baseball cap, sport sunglasses with dark lenses, and a light colored sweatshirt with red, white and dark colored stripes along the chest and arms.

Female Robbery Suspect

FBI agents are also looking for a woman who robbed two banks in Phoenix on Feb. 10.

The suspect entered the Academy Bank at 15th Avenue and Bethany Home Road in Phoenix and showed the teller a handgun while passing a note demanding money, FBI officials said. The female suspect left with an unknown amount of money.

She then went to the Alaska Federal Credit Union, near 44th Street and Indian School Road in Phoenix, according to the FBI. The lady then handed a note demanding money to a teller and again brandished a firearm before making off with an unknown amount of money.

The FBI released surveillance photos of the woman. She was seen wearing a white, long-sleeved shirt and dark blue jeans, along with a black purse. She carried a black handgun at both robberies.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of either of the suspects is asked to contact the FBI’s Phoenix Field Office at (623) 466-1999, submit tips online at, or contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS (480-948-6377).

Teens Shot During Robbery Incident

Police say two teenagers are in critical condition after a man shot them following a reported robbery in north Phoenix.

Phoenix police say two 15-year-old boys walked into a business and stole some items Saturday night.

As they walked away from the business, police say an unidentified man confronted the teens in the parking lot about the stolen items and the boys began to attack him.

The man then shot the two boys.

Police haven’t released the shooter’s name, but say he isn’t an employee at the business.

They say the unidentified boys suffered injuries that aren’t life-threatening.

Suspects Arrested In bank Robbery Case

Two suspects are in police custody following a bank robbery in north Phoenix Tuesday morning.

According to Phoenix police, at 11:30 a.m. officers responded to a report of a bank robbery in the area of Tatum Boulevard and Greenway Road.

Officers in the area located the suspect’s vehicle fleeing southbound from the scene.

An air unit followed the suspect’s vehicle near 7th Street and Thunderbird Road where the driver was taken into custody, according to police.

Police said the passenger fled on foot but was located and detained without incident.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

The FBI’s Bank Robbery Task Force is investigating, police said.

Police Arrest Four People Connected in Robbery Case

Phoenix police detained four people on Tuesday after a drawn-out and dangerous cross-Valley chase where one suspect fled into a neighborhood and another car-jacked a woman and sped into Phoenix, narrowly avoiding pedestrians at the onset of rush-hour.

Officers had been searching for the Audi sedan involved in the Tuesday chase “for several weeks” after it had been taken in an armed robbery and then used for a separate commercial burglary, Phoenix police said.

Police spotted the car Tuesday afternoon near 2400 E. Indian School Road, at which point the driver and three occupants traveled into the West Valley before returning east toward Phoenix more than an hour later.

News station video feeds showed the sedan navigating surface streets near Litchfield Road and Van Buren Street about 2:45 p.m.

Robbery Chase

At times, the vehicle made U-turns, cut through parking lots and sped through traffic in the middle lane. About 2:50 p.m., a person in the vehicle jumped out and fled into a residential area in Avondale.

That person was possibly armed with a long gun and remained at large until about 5:30 p.m., when police confirmed he had been located and arrested without further incident.

The driver, though, continued driving on residential and busy city streets with the other two occupants,weaving in and out of traffic.

According to reports, the driver finally stopped his vehicle and approached a woman who was in a white truck. He then forced her out of the vehicle and then fled the scene.

Suspects Flee

Police said that there were two other people from the abandoned Audi. They were detained at the scene.

The man who took the truck smashed through the intersection, drove on the median, and picked up speed onto a Valley freeway, heading east on Interstate 10 toward Phoenix.

The driver exited onto 35th Avenue and sped through residential areas as pedestrians walked on sidewalks and crossed streets before turning around and heading north.

He turned east on McDowell Road by the Arizona State Fairgrounds and continued through central Phoenix. At 3:30 p.m., roughly an hour after the chase began, the vehicle was near the light-rail station at 19th Avenue and Camelback Road as rush-hour traffic intensified.

Pedestrian Endangered

At several points, the truck came close to pedestrians and the driver could be seen stopping at a crosswalk with several people passing in front.

The driver repeatedly stopped the truck, sped backwards on residential streets, and, at about 3:40 p.m., parked near the Monte Vista apartments in the area of Peoria and 19th avenues. He then ran into a residence.

Authorities swarmed the entryway and arrested the suspect at about 3:40 p.m.

Police did not immediately provide the names of the suspects, saying additional information would be expected Wednesday morning. Investigators also said the suspects were believed to have been the same suspects from the initial robbery.

No officers, pedestrians or motorists reported any injuries from the incident.



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assault bank robbery battery felony Personal Injury

Phoenix Robberies With Assault

Phoenix Robberies, Missing Suspects

Good ol’ Phoenix never lacks on the robbery department. They seem to keep pretty busy with that. Sadly, when you’re that close to the border it’s bound to happen.

According to the Phoenix Police, they are now looking for a man who had threatened a  sporting goods store last week. They threatened the store with a bomb during an attempted robbery.

According to a Silent Witness, he or she saw a man and he or she was carrying a box. The box went into the Big 5 Sporting Goods store, which is now located on Thomas Road, on December 3rd.

The suspect demanded that the clerk give him money, however when the female cashier refused, the suspect said that there was a bomb in a box outside.

According to the reports, the box was left behind after the male suspect had left the store. The police officers that got to the scene and investigated seem to think that it wasn’t in danger at anytime.

The police said that the suspect was a white male. Authorities believe the man was fifty-five years old. He’s a rather small man, being around five foot and eight inches tall. Weighing around one hundred ninety pounds. In the security footage, the suspect was last seen wearing a black knit cap as well as a black and white plaid shirt and dark pants.  At least he color coordinated, I guess.

Silent Witness is offering up to one thousand dollars for the information that would help solve the case. If you have any information, please contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

Mysterious Robberies, Jack in the Box

Robberies, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are quiet and relatively peaceful, some are flamboyant and well thought out. However, this most recent Phoenix robbery can only be described as “brazen”. The robbery was caught on camera at the Valley Jack in the Box.

Chandler Police are shocked and thankful that no one was hurt and that the crime wasn’t any worse than what happened.

The Chandler Police have recently released a video on their Facebook page. They are asking for the public’s help in tracking down this robbery suspect.

According to the report, the man could be seen entering the door behind the counter, with a ski mask on his face and his hood up. You could also see a gun in his hand.

Customer, Ed Schossow’s Statement:

I would have shot him, without a doubt. This is exactly why I carry a concealed weapon.

According to the report, the video surveillance was showed to several of the customers outside of the store on Friday night. Schossow says that seeing crimes, is the reason that he’s always prepared. He always carries a concealed weapon on him.

After watching the video, police think that the suspect actually looks as if he was “inexperienced” with a weapon. He even dropped the clip and then reloads the gun.

Chandler Police Detective, Seth Tyler Statement:

Just the recklessness, we are very lucky we didn’t have an accidental discharge, This suspect maybe cased this restaurant, was able to determine times it wasn’t busy.

The man took the cash from one drawer and then demanded the next. In the video, your can see an employee who was forced to open another drawer.

Schossow’s Statement:

I feel sorry for them, I mean, it’s a scary situation.


The man grabs as much money as he can with his free hand. He dropped quite a bit off it one his way out the doors. Which is totally dumb, he should have at least had a container to carry the money.

The police description

The suspect is described as a light skinned man, between the ages of 16 to 25. He is five feet, five inches to 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs between 135-155 pounds.

Sexual Assault Plus Robbery

Phoenix Police are looking for a suspect they believe to be in connection to an armed robbery. The suspect reportedly also tried to sexually assault a woman at a tax business.

The police say that the victim had just came back from visiting the bank when the suspect came into the business which is located near 33rd Street and Indian School road, who pulled a gun on her.

Another Sexual Assault Robbery Case

According to reports, a suspect tied and gagged a woman before he reportedly took off her bra and then tried to assault her.

The police say that when the sick perv suspect, noticed the security cameras he stopped his assault and took off with the money.

The suspect was described as a Hispanic or possibly a Native American. He’s around six foot tall and was wearing white gloves as well as a black hoodie.

The investigating officers say that the surveillance take did a good job and likely prevented something worse from happening.  The police is continuing the investigation and checking to see if the cameras were functional. Which, they must have been if the tape showed that.

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bank robbery

Police Arrest 60 Year Old Serial Bank Robber

60 Year Old Arrested for Being a Serial Bank Robber

When you think of bank robber’s you usually think of young men or the Bonnie and Clyde version, however a sixty year old man is changing things up in the bank robber book.

The Phoenix police have arrested the 60 year old serial bank robber. This week he had tried to flee from his latest bank job at a downtown bank in Phoenix. The sixty year old man is John Timothy Miller and he was booked on Monday, March 21. He was taken to the Maricopa County jail on “several” counts of bank robbery.

According to the report, the Phoenix Police detectives have been working with the FBI. They worked together since February to track down and arrest the man who had robbed four banks in the Phoenix area.

The FBI and the Phoenix Police were able to have a description of the man they were looking for and that is when they decided to set up surveillance at multiple banks.

According to the Police statement, there was a man that matched the robber’s description that caught the attention of a task-force member on Monday. He was riding his bike.

The member of the task-force had saw the man, identified him as miller then watched as he stashed his bike and then walk around downtown. He then later walked into the Comerica Bank.

The security tape showed Miller walking into the bank and he was wearing a baseball cap low to try to hide his face. He proceeded to give the teller a demanding note. He took an unknown amount of money and left the bank. The police were then able to take him into custody. 

Apparently what made it so easy for Miller to get away is that he wore many layers of clothing. That way he could just strip a layer and keep going, changing his appearance and making him unnoticeable.