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Recent Robberies in Phoenix

Multiple Robberies in Phoenix Lately


On Wednesday Police began looking for three suspects who robbed a Phoenix business at gunpoint. That would probably be a pretty scary hump day for the store employee and owner.


According to the Phoenix police, there were two females as well as a male who went into a business at the Thomas Road and 14th Street. This happened at five o’clock in the evening. The three of them didn’t waste any time and got straight to the point by pointing guns at the two employees.


One of the employees was bound and held at gunpoint on the floor. How scary would that be? The other employee was forced by gunpoint, to unlock the store safe. Then that employee was also tied up and held at gunpoint on the floor.


The police said that at one point during the robbery that one of the suspects fired the handgun into the wall office. Luckily no one was injured. I’m sure they’re all emotionally shaken.


The robbery suspects were reported to take an undisclosed amount of money as well as other property from the business and the employees before they finally left in a gray, full sized, single cab Chevy pickup truck. The truck also had a red colored bed. Which is pretty distinctive it sounds.


The police investigators are hoping someone will know this pretty unique vehicle and help by calling them. They are also hoping to get some information from the surveillance photos.


If anyone has any information on this robbery, the suspects, or the vehicle then please call the Phoenix Police Department Violent Crimes Bureau which can be reached at 602-262-6141 or even the Silent Witness program at 480- WITNESS.


Second Robbery in Phoenix


Police are still searching for a man who was accused of armed robbery back in January. The robbery happened at a Mesa CVS Pharmacy.


According to the Silent Witness program, the man had grabbed a few items from the store and then went to threaten the working cashier with a folding knife he had. The clerk handed the robber over the money and then the suspect fled the store. The man was last seen walking southbound from the store.


Suspect’s Description

The suspect is described as a white man with freckles, a reddish-blonde goatee and shaved hair. He is believed to be about 20-25 years old, 150 pounds and 5 feet, 7 inches tall.

He was last seen wearing a black shirt with lettering on the back, faded black jeans with a skull on the left leg, a black bandana on his neck, black shoes and a flat-rimmed hat with a logo.


Police are also asking that if you have any information on this robbery then they are offering a $1,000 reward if you come forward to help with any information at all, call SILENT WITNESS.


Third Phoenix Robbery Recently

As a mother, I’m all about family togetherness and always up for family time. However, I do not think robbing stores together is such a good way to bond.


Four people, including a man and his two daughters were arrested for shoplifting and then returning items for the cash and gift cards. This is why it makes it hard on the GOOD people to return things they BOUGHT and paid for.


The Phoenix Police investigators said that they recieved the information from “Toys R Us” about the shoplifting crew who was making fraudulent merchandise returns. How horrible would you have to be to steal from a child’s store?


The Phoenix Detectives were able to work closely with the Toys R Us and were able to identify the suspects. They then began to gather surveillance on the suspects.


According to the police, forty-four year old, Lester Kilpatrick and his twenty-two year old daughter, Amanda Kilpatrick were actually spotted stealing from several stores in the Metro Phoenix area. They would then return the items for a refund later.


One of the time, a refund had been put on a gift card which the suspects sold at a nearby gift card reseller. Police said that they would then go to purchase heroin with the cash they recieved.


The detectives were also able to confirm that there was another daughter involved. She was twenty-one year old Jordan Kilpatrick and a twenty-year old, Brandon Muchow often went along with the group.


Police said that in one of the incidents that the four of the suspects actually went to one of the local department stores and shoplifted several large bags of clothing. They then went to a nearby location and would sort the items and return them separately. They did this with over two hundred dollars worth of merchandise.


Luckily the police were able to arrest all four of the suspects after they made a fraudulent return. During the interview with the detectives, the family didn’t try to deny what they had done. All four of them admitted to what they did and claimed that they did this to support their $40 a day drug habit each one of them had. If they didn’t they would become ill from the withdrawal symptoms.


According to the family of suspects, they had been shoplifting an average of seven days a week for over three years. They had a pretty good run at it I suppose.


There was actually another person identified, however they weren’t detained for whatever reason. The Police said that person is dependent on the shoplifting operation so they can feed their drug addiction.


The police also said that the family would steal over $72,000 per year just to satisfy their daily drug habits. How crazy ridiculous is that? Did no one see or try to help this family?


Lester and Jordan Kilpatrick as well as Brandon Muchow were all booked into jail and will now face several counts of organized retail theft and refund fraud. Amanda Kilpatrick was also put into jail however she was later released due to a medical condition.


The investigation is ongoing at this time, according to the local authorities.


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