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Man Convicted for Phoenix Park Teenager Murder

On Behalf of / Tuesday, 03 February 2015 / Published in assault, Homicide, Wrongful Death

Man Convicted For Murder of Teenager in Marivue Park


Parks are great places for families and children, most of the time anyways. Now days, you’re really not safe anywhere. You could be attacked in your own safe home. People are getting desperate and mean. A man has been convicted of killing a teenager in the West Phoenix Park, Marivue Park. The boy defended his younger sister from an armed robbery and he is now scheduled to be sentenced Friday for the murder conviction.


The man Vincent Quimayousie. He is to face life in prison for the first-degree murder conviction for the September 2012 death of  Andrew Murphy. Andrew was sixteen at the time. Andrew was defending his fourteen year old sister at the Marivue Park.


Vincent Quimayousie Convicted for Park Murder


Vincent will also be convicted of attempted armed robbery and misconduct involving a weapon. Police authorities say that young Andrew Murphy was killed after he had stepped in front of Vincent to confront him after he had tried to demand money from Andrew’s younger sister. Vincent was twenty years old.


Vincent Quimayousie did admit to being near the park on the day of the killing in an interview with the police investigators. However, he denied any involvement in the killing.


Hopefully the authorities will be able to find justice for Andrew. Andrew was very brave for protecting his little sister. I’m sure his sister has to live in fear of the once friendly park in her mind to that dark day of losing her heroic brother. I’m sure she will always mourn and remember her brother for his bravery and giving his life to keep her safe. Maybe one day she can get peace, knowing her brothers killer is behind bars.


Source: https://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/central-phoenix/sentencing-set-for-man-convicted-of-killing-teen


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