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Mother Facing Child Charges for Stabbing Her Children

 Mother Arrested for Stabbing Both of Her Children


According to the police, a Valley area mother is now going to face child abuse charges after stabbing both of her children. How could anyone do that?


The court documents showed that Brenda Begay had called 911 on Monday. She claimed that both of her kids were dying.  When the police got to the scene at 13th Avenue and Ironwood Drive, what they found was heart breaking. They found a twelve year old girl with a stab wound to her chest.


The Phoenix Police investigators say that the young girl woke up to her mother stabbing her. The little girl then told the officers that she ran to her older, (thirteen year old) brother’s room and found that he was lying on the floor. Police say that Begay’s son also had multiple stab wounds to the chest and on his wrist.


Neighbor, Jesus Gamez, Statement about the Stabbing

Why would a parent do that to their own child? I want to know what her state of mind was during that time.


I doubt you would really want to know what the heck someone was thinking when they murder or attempt to murder someone. Those poor children.


The court documents also show that Begay actually admitted to the police that she had wanted her kids to die. She was “trying to protect them” from getting raped. The documents also suggest that Begay might be in-stable.


This wasn’t Begay’s first run in with the Department of Child Safety. She has prior cases with them, she was convicted in 2005 in a child abuse case. During the trial, the courts questioned Begay’s mental state. They conducted an evaluation and gave her some medication.  Begay has severed six months in jail and fifteen years probation.




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Inflatable Santa Stabbing Starts a Police Investigtion

Phoenix Police Investigate Inflatable Santa Stabbing


The Phoenix police are now investigating after someone has stabbed an inflatable Santa in front of a South Phoenix Home. Talk about cruel and unusual. Who would want to stab an inflatable Santa.


James Ahlgrim’s Statement about the Stabbing (Santa Owner)

What’s the little inflatable Santa hurting?


According to the report, you could see two men that were spotted on a surveillance camera. You could see them walking by the Ahlgrim’s home. The two men then looked to see if the coast was clear, however they did not realize the camera was catching their every move, the Ahlgrim’s home caught them on three different cameras.


Mr. Ahlgrim’s Statment:

There’s another camera right here that picks up all the way to the end of the street.



You could even see on the tape, that one of the guys slowly approached the inflatable Santa.


Ahlgrim’s Statment

He was making sure, looking around to see if anyone was coming out of the house and there he goes stabbing him.



You can then see the man actually stabbing the poor innocent, inflatable Santa three times. Talk about an over kill. The incident happened just after dusk the Sunday right before Thanksgiving.


Ahlgrim Worries About His Kids Safety

The part that bothers me is that it was early in the evening and any one of my kids could have been coming out. If they are going to stab a Santa, what else are they going to stab?


Jason Ahlgrim wants both of the people in the video to be arrested, which you can’t blame him. For one, that’s his property and second what kind of sick person does this? What if the children would have been outside?What if the creeps come back?


Police are asking that if you have any information on this to please call the Phoenix Police Department.




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Man Charged For Stabbing A Person at Walgreens

Man Imprisoned for Stabbing Walgreens Customer


Times are getting pretty tough when you can’t even go to the local pharmacy without being attacked. Personally I would be terrified to be a bank teller, convince store employee or anything that has to do with dealing with money in the public. People are struggling and will do anything to get some money. Heck most people that are robbing others are just trying to take the easy way out.


A man has now been charged for the attempts of first-degree murder. He allegedly was involve with stabbing a customer at Walgreens. The suspect, Christopher Gale purchased a knife from the local Walmart on September 21st. Christoper used the knife to stab a Walgreens customer who was shopping at the time. The Walgreens was located at West Osborn Road and North Central Avenue, according to the police.


Christoper Gale Attacks Walgreens Customer


According to the Phoenix Police, Christopher approached the shopper from behind and stabbed the female victim in the back of her neck. The lady then turned to face Christoper Gale and that is when he told her that he was “I’m killing you to save the world”. She then pushed him away and screamed. The victim and suspect did not know each other.


Luckily a federal agent was in the store as well, he was off duty at the time. The federal agent was standing in line at the checkout when he heard the female victim scream. The agent then ran to see what was happening. The agent was luckily armed and pointed the gun at Christoper Gale. He took control of the situation and yelled for Christoper to drop to the ground, Gald complied. The federal agent then held Christopher at gunpoint until the police backup was able to arrive. The suspect was read his Miranda rights and then Christopher admitted to buying the knife because he just wanted to “stab and kill” someone.


The female victim suffered from a large laceration and puncture wound to the base of her head. Authorities say it was 1.75” deep.




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Police Searching for Four Suspects in Fatal Stabbing

Phoenix Police Looking for Fatal Stabbing Suspects

On June 27th Phoenix Police have started a search for four suspects who were involved in a stabbing that sadly killed a man inside of his apartment.

Tommy Thompson, who is a spokesman for the police department said that nineteen year old Johnathan Hollinquist was stabbed to death inside of his home. The residence was located near Black Canyon Boulevard and Carefree Highway.

According to Mr. Thompson, Johnathan was asleep on the couch when three or four men unwelcome entered his home. He says that then one of the unwelcome men had gotten into an argument with Johnathan over a previous “conflict”.

During the conflict, the man allegedly stabbed Johnathan. Johnathan was then taken to a local hospital but sadly died from his injuries.

The police officials have identified one of the stabbing suspects as nineteen year old Geraldo Silberia Jr. also known as “Bemo”.

According to the report, all four of the suspects fled the scene. The investigators described the suspects as “Hispanic” but sadly had no other information on the suspects at this time.

Police Need Help Finding the Stabbing Suspects

Police are asking that anyone with any information on the suspects or the crime to please contact the Phoenix Police at 602-262-6151 or the Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.


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Man Murders His 12 Yrs. Old Half Brother

 Violent Man in Jail for Murdering His 12 Year Old Half Brother

A violent man is set to appear in court for a trial in March 2016. The Phoenix man was charged for fatally stabbing his younger half brother. The brother was only twelve years old.

The police stated that Andrew Ward, 27 years old, killed the young Austin Tapia on March 12th.

The Man’s Motive for Killing his Younger Brother

Honestly, I just felt like killing.

The prosecutors are pushing or the death penalty for the suspect. Andrew Ward however, pleaded not guilty to the murder charge in his younger brother’s death.

While Andrew Ward has been in the Maricopa County jail, he was charged with first-degree murder in the death of his cellmate which happened on April 2nd.

The investigators believe that Ward used a golf pencil to stab his cellmate, thirty-three year old Douglas walker in the eyes. He first beat him and then forced a plastic bag and a peanut butter sandwich down Douglas Walker’s throat.

Andrew Ward also pleaded not guilty in Douglas Ward’s death. There has yet to be a trial date set for this new case.


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18 Year Old Stabs His Mother 9 Times

Young Man Allegedly Stabs His Mother Because God Told Him To

A eighteen year old boy, Cory Kit Montgomery, is now behind bars because he stabbed his own mother nine times! Luckily the mother is still alive and survived the brutal attack. Her son is claiming that he stabbed her because a higher power (God) told him to.

The attack happened in front of many people, luckily they were able to pull Cory away from his mother and call for help. According to the authorities, the attack took place around Midnight on Tuesday.

Reyna an eye witness statement of the attack

She was screaming.. ‘Stop.. you are my son.  Stop stabbing me,’ That is what she was saying.

According to the report, Reyna was the one to call the police.  She also said that at first glance, it seemed that the boy was just punching his mother but when Reyna got closer she then saw the knife.

Reyna stated that she first saw the boy attacking his mother in the parking area at an apartment complex which was near 23rd Street and McDowell.

The court documents showed that the police said that Cory stabbed his mother nine times with a kitchen knife. Cory also admitted to the crime, he claims that God told him to do it.

Reyna’s statement about the scene

When she was saying, ‘Please stop.  I am your mom.’ He just said, ‘No. You are not. No you are not.

Reyna’s cousin tried to stop Cory, he even went as far as to hit him with a rock.

Witness, Anthony Huggins statement about the stabbing

I hit him and he just took it and looked at me like nothing happened.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was really scared.  I couldn’t believe that this guy took a rock in the face and it didn’t do nothing to him.  He took it like it was a normal punch or something.

The mother in this brutal crime is still in the hospital. Police were able to arrest Cory as he was trying to get away.

Reyna’s thankful she was there to help

I just thank God I was out there to save her ’cause when I saw her after he was done.  I don’t think she could have handled any more stabbing.

Cory was booked for resisting the arrest and attempted murder. His bond was set at $500,00.

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